FauxCon V!

PostCon Review

Welcome to Steiglitz!

Well, FauxCon V has been long gone, but its only recently that we managed to secure the return of the films that were taken at the convention.

Overall, it has to be said that the Convention went pretty well. With only 2 event cancellations, and a 95% pre-registration, as well as a 45% return player attendance (low for a Victorian con, but good for Fauxcon, given our variable location), FauxCon V showed that the Fauxcon is firmly established as a standard event on the Convention calendar for many roleplayers.

Here's hoping that as many of the attendees as possible can make it along to FauxCON VII! - Superheros and Mutants.

Without further ado...



Welcome to Steiglitz!

From the start, the townsfolk of Steiglitz were 100% behind Fauxcon. Their warm welcome started from the generous loan of shopfrontage to sell tshirts and othere merchandise right through to helping organise extra activities around town during the slow periods of the Con. Some of the facilities were a bit limited, but that was more than made up for by the smiling and friendly attitude.

More about Steiglitz...


Although there rego took a while to setup, after Saturday morning, the registration area was easy to find and always attended. A number of attendees specifically thanked us for the helpful folks that were on the desk, which was nice to hear after the last year's problems. With the exception of maps, there was also an excess of information and handouts about the site to be had around the desk.


The canteen was well signed but suffered from a limited range and there were a few complaints about the pricing perhaps taking advantage of the difficulties in accessing alternative food sources. Despite some fresh and healthy food, the congoers appeared to mostly be interested in sugary stuff There were some minor issues with vermin. An effort was made to provide breakfast on both mornings, but, again, we were cursed with a limited selection from nearby shops.


Some of the attendees complained that their rooms were hard to find. Maps were prepared for the con, but were not printed, so only one copy was available at the convention. We apologise to those attendees who became lost on the way to their sessions.

However, despite that somewhat disappointing aspect, the decision to run the majority of sessions outside proved to be a popular and successful one.


The vast majority of games went off without a hitch. There were only a couple of last minute cancellations, and a few extra games were offered at the convention to fill those gaps.

Special Events



And finally...

Prizegiving was extremely efficient - we managed to clean through it all in less than 15 minutes with the assistance of the fire extinguisher. It was nice to see some variation in the recipients of prizes, rather than the all too common situation of the same names coming up again and again.


Definately a disappointment - we returned to the postcon venue after the prizegiving to find that the building had been locked and abandoned. Although efforts were made to find the responsible parties, the organisers are still at a loss to explain exactly what happened, and apologise to all the attendees who were advised of the availability of a chance to wind down and anecdote at the prizegiving.


Overall we found that the con went pretty well. Monetarily, we certainly did better than breaking even, and hopefully this means that Fauxcon will be able to go onto bigger and better things for the next few conventions - especially ensuring bigger venues and a wider selection of caffienated beverages.

We hope to see you all again at the next FauxCon - if you have any further comments on the Con, feel free to give voice to your opinions in the forums. Cya soon :)