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FauxCon VII!
SuperPowers & Mutations!

Fruit, musksticks and getting in the way!

Victoria's only regional convention

Friday 31st March - Monday 3rd April, 2006

Welcome to the 7th FauxCon - Victoria's only regional convention!

This year's convention theme is Superpowers and Mutations - not just as a comic book theme, but an indepth examination of the hero phenonomen as it is projected by the modern psyche. Please note that despite the enthusiastic support of our theme, we must ask all attendees to wear their underwear on the inside of any other clothing they choose to adorn themselves with.

What is FauxCon?

FauxCon is a weekend's worth of gaming - we aim to present events that appeal to anyone that likes to play games, whether boardgames, wargames, tabletop roleplaying, Live Action or freeforming events.

FauxCon changes venue every year or two, picking a new location somewhere in regional Victoria - unlike other conventions which remain at their preferred venue for as long as they can - in order to give country Victorians a chance to attend the sort of games convention that might normally only be available in Melbourne. It also gives the established gamers who can't take time away from their normal lives a chance to showcase their gaming talents to Melbournians who take the time to travel out to FauxCon.

FauxCon 7

In 2006, FauxCon will be visiting Horsham, Capital of the Wimmera area, and more specifically, the Horsham Croquet Club, adjoining the beautific Wimmera River.

FauxCon 7 will be running on Friday 31st of March, Saturday 1st of April and Monday the 3rd of April - unfortunately, due to a scheduling collision with the regional croquet tournaments we were unable to get the site on the Sunday. However, there is always a silver lightning, and numerous fun activities have been organised for the con attendees who will be idle on the Sunday. (See Special Events).

For this year's convention, FauxCon will also be trying out a few new activities: FemmeCon, a ladies night of gaming on the Friday night; a FauxCon dinner/picnic at the scenic Halls Gap; and day trips for friends and family of attendees to nearby tourist locations such as the plains of the Little Desert National Park, the Horsham Agricultuaral college and the Wool Factory.

Lost Property

A number of items of lost property were handed to the convention organisers at FauxCon V in Steiglitz. Although they were forgotten for FauxCon VI, the organisers will definately have them to hand for the coming convention. If you lost any, er, personal items at a previous convention, please come to the main desk.