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About FauxCon X

Where is FauxFon X

At the post con venue for FauxCon IX, it was pointed out that one particular region of Victoria had been neglected for the first 9 years of FauxCon - the convention had never been held in Melbourne itself. This started a vigourous online debate as to whether the point had been to provide a con that visited all the regions of Victoria or just the regions that the other conventions totally neglect in their city-central outlooks ... the outcome of which was that FauxCon X will be held in Melbourne!

However, this presented us with a number of challenges. Primarily, costs at FauxCon have been kept down by ensuring that we booked the most flexible and lowest-facility venues to hold the convention at, and Melbourne venues proved to be difficult to find in our price range.

Fortunately, on the verge of facing failure in our fraught search for somewhere to settle, we have found friends in the form of Conquest, who have most generously stepped up and offered to share their venue with FauxCon. Thus, FauxCon X will be run at Melbourne High School, South Yarra, off Alexandera Avenue.

How do we get there?

Numerous trams travel up and down Chapel St, a short distance from the venue, which allow access from Windsor station on the Sandringham line through to East Richmond on the Glen Waverley line. Additionally, the South Yarra station is not far from the venue, allowing access to Gippsland-dwelling attendees via the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines.

Some car parking is available on site and in nearby streets, although attendees should take care to observe local parking restrictions, except on the public holidays.

Bike tracks along the Yarra are numerous and well-maintained, and allow access from within the CBD and the eastern part of the city.

Taxis may be hired by phone or from many major stations.

Numerous bus routes encompass the South Yarra area and allow access by road at a nominal fee.Attendees equipped for bipedal travel may find that they are even able to access the site by footpath.

At several locations along the Yarra, small boats may be hired to convey travellers up and down the river, from the mouth at Port Phillip Bay to Dight's Falls, within the bounds of Studley Park. There is a small dock near the school to expedite this form of transport for attendees.

With pre-arrangement with the convention organisers, helicopter landing space is available in the middle of the school oval.

When is FauxCon X?

Fauxcon X will be running from Thursday 1st April to Sunday 4th April, 2010.