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Convention Entry

Entering the convention is easy. You've got two options

  1. download the entry form, fill out the details and mail it into the address on the form.
  2. or
  3. sign up to AON and enter online
Simple :)

Extra info

Things only get a little bit more complicated if you want to be involved in the various special events. Most of the events can be entered through the online system, but in some cases, their times and costs do not fit in the standard packages. These events are clearly labeled in the system, and once you have entered an organiser will contact you and get any additional details required.

Playing in sync with Conquest

Sadly due to contractual obligations, FauxCon's session timetables do not match those of Conquest. This means that organising your sessions to match up between the two conventions is likely to be somewhat of a trial. In order to cover this eventuality, writers will be asked to prepare a set of cards for their games so that folks that are running late from a Conquest session will be able to join a FauxCon game, read the cards, and catch up with the first hour or so of session they might have missed.