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Special Events

FauxCon has always tried to go to great lengths to make the convention as special a memory as we possibly can. In previous years, we have hosted combined dinner/freeforms, special guests, special live action versions of normal games, figure painting and much much more.

This year, the fun and frivolity keeps pouring out to you...


A ladies-only night, see Entry for more details.

FauxCon Masquerade picnic

After the sucess of last year's dinner, we are happy to announce that FauxCon will be having another masquerade picnic. Attendees are asked to come to the actual event in costume (superheros or supervillains are equally acceptable), as social vilification will be an important part of the points given for best costume.

The picnic will be held 35 minutes drive away from the town proper, and buses will be provided. The buses will leave from the Con venue at 11am. Food will be provided, but attendees must bring their own drinks and sunscreen.

Roleplaying in film: Deconstructing the D&D movie

Following on from the sucessful seminar from last FauxCon - Why the Hercules and Xena system is the best map from big screen to gm screen... - Dave Andrewson will once again return to behind the remote control.

For three hours, Dave will help everyone gain a proper grasp of the intricacies of the D&D Movie - what dice rolls the players made to accomplish some of the feats as the module continues, the cleverness of the DM joining the group together and the history of the only black elf in their entire culture are just some of the topics that will be discussed in great depth. At the end of the seminar, there will be 10 minutes question time for the audience.

Cthulhu d20 - Metahorror Debate

Dave's excellent series will not be the only puclic discussion undertaken at FauxCon 7. With the release of Cthulhu d20 and the more accessible version of H.P. Lovecraft's Mythos universe, there has been considerable discussion about the purity of vision retained in the new release. 3 roleplayers will take each side of the debate and attempt to convince you, the players, of the rightness of their stance.

Unlike the similar promised debate over d20 Elric at a previous convention, we have been reassured that this debate will not consist of the "nay" side of the argument simply rocking backwards and forwards and moaning "no".

Sunday Activities

Because of the problems with the booking for our venue on the Sunday we have organised a number of activities for congoers on the Sunday so that no one is bored or wanders off.

Activities such as hot air ballooning, cross country hiking, spelunking, skeet shooting, snake taunting, yabbying and threshing have already been organised, and we may have a number of shorter fun things available at the Con. Please indicate your interest on the entry form when sending it into the convention.

Gaming Widows Workshop

Is your partner often left behind for the weekend while you go off to have fun? Well, no more will FauxCon be assisting in doing this small harm to your ongoing relationship; we will not be responsible for the first small tack in the coffin lid; no further will we take men and women from their families in the name of 'fun', and make small children ask "where's daddy?" late on the Saturday night, leaving mummy to wonder if he is truly playing with those alleged friends of his, or if he is out at a strip club, paying their hard earned money to have some skank rub her desensitised and chafed nipples across his brow.

Instead, we're providing a weekend's worth of fun activities!

For a nominal visitors fee, your partner and any offspring can come along to FauxCon and amuse themselves while you are guilt free to play games. Day trips to the Grampians, or to the Little Desert National Park are available for those who like the grandeur of nature, or for those who prefer to see the industriousness of man, buses will convey them to the Horsham Agricultural college or the Wool Factory!

Of course, the con site is also available for the friends and family of gamers to hang about at - because some of the games will be held in squash courts on site, there is an unparalleled oppurtunity for such to watch games from above, from the mezzanine observation deck.