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Convention Entry

Entering the convention is easy - download the entry form, fill out the details and mail it into the address on the form. Simple :)

Things only get a little bit more complicated if you want to be involved in the various special events, or if you want to participate in the Invite-a-Friend entry program.

Special Event Entry


When we asked many of the female attendees of FauxCon in previous years, they said that one of the reasons they found difficult to get involved in the con scene was the preponderance of enthusiastic male gamers.

In an effort to overcome some of these difficulties, FauxCon has declared that the Friday evening session is FemmeCon - all the gms will be female, and only female attendees will be permitted to enter that session.

The intent is not to exclude male gamers, but to provide a relaxed and calm beginners environment, and to get female gamers in the door, and used to a con environment without testosterone soaked competitive guys demanding all the attention and not letting their girlfriends get a word in edgewise.

For the male fauxcon attendees (or female attendees who are not interested in FemmeCon), we have arranged a pair of offsite activites - they can either come along to a dinner at the Main St Hotel, or the local cinema is offering a cheap-ticket deal to any badged FauxCon attendee.

Attendees, please bring a plate.

Distributed entry and enrolment

FauxCon is always looking to expand its base of loyal supporters - we recognise that constantly moving the venue makes it hard to come to every convention, so we believe its important to keep new blood showing up to each new location.

To help attendees help us, we have marked each entry form with a unique identifier that is added when you download the pdf. When you print your entry form, run off as many copies as you can, and send them to other roleplayers that you think should come to the Con. Each of these people should send one dollar and their entry form back to you. Of course, they can also copy the form and send it to their friends - for each dollar they get sent, they should keep $.50c towards their own entry and send $.50c to you.

This way, people who help FauxCon by contacting other gamers and encourage them to come along to the con can sign up effectively cheaper. Of course, it becames a game in and of itself when you take into account that your entry has to be in early enough to get into the sessions that you want to play, but its cheaper if you wait! Everyone wins!