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FauxCon VII Event Listing

There are a wide variety of events at FauxCon 7, hopefully appealing to all sorts of game playing attendees.

In order to help you decide which events you want to play, the game organisers have not only provided a descriptive blurb, but have provided ratings for various qualities of their game, such as Adult Content or Seriousness. In addition, the organisers have created and implemented a series of icons to provide even more information - you can read about them all here

The Boogie Man Cometh
- an All Flesh Must be Eaten scenario for four players.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
- a FUDGE scenario for five players.
Clockwork Duck l'Orange
- a BESM scenario for five players.
Elric and the Game of Life
- an Elric scenario for 3-6 players.
- a d20 scenario for 4-7 players
Grand Theft Auto - Mice City
- a Car Wars scenario for 4-7 players
Red Dragon up on Top
- a D&D3E scenario for 4 players
- single player 1-8 session scenario
Ur Delta Hill-Billies
- a two session Over the Edge game for four players
Living La Vida Loca
- New RPGA universe
Lord of the Rings - The Unabridged Freeform : Extended Edition
- a seven session freeform for 117 - 286 players.
Special Events
Last Man Standing: Dance Dance Revolution - Polka till you puke
- a con-long DDR competition
Settlers of Nauru 2020 - The Night of Long Pork
-a two session boardgame event.
Non-Game special events
- seminars, special trips and dinners

WarHammer Triple Play
- three seperate WH40K competitions, for every wargamer